“I started seeing Tina for back pain stemming from a bad car accident several years before in which I sustained various injuries, including a broken back. The ongoing back problems since then had been seriously interfering with my ability to do my job and enjoy my life and meant I was in constant pain and discomfort and in and out of work. I’d seen various physiotherapists, osteopaths and specialists for years prior to seeing Tina but no one seemed able to get me over the line so that I could self-manage without weekly physio.

Tina immediately impressed me with her professionalism and knowledge but also with her totally different and refreshing holistic approach. We started doing Cranio-Sacral Therapy first which helped me tremendously in unlocking and releasing trauma from the accident which was trapped in my body (which was obvious from the very first session). After which Tina treated me with physiotherapy and I am now managing on my own for the first time since the accident, something I’d almost lost hope of before seeing Tina!

Tina was the first health professional I’d met who treated me as an entire person rather than just focusing on a discrete set of symptoms. Seeing Tina was a complete game changer, not only for my physical symptoms, but in transforming the therapeutic process for dealing with trauma post accident. She really is quite remarkable and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Mazie L.

“Having damaged my foot running two years ago and having seen three physios, two foot surgeons, two alternative therapists and an osteopath to relieve the pain (I was taking far more than the recommended daily dose of Nurofen per day) I had begun to accept that despite being in my 30’s this might be a pain I would have to learn to live with for the rest of my life.

On recommendation and in my desperation, I visited Tina despite it being an hour commute either way from my home.

I cannot praise Tina highly enough. Rather than treat the excruciating pain radiating down my leg and foot directly, Tina sought to understand holistically what was happening in my body. This resulted in being treated in my back, gluts and shoulder. She also recommended key exercises to strengthen muscles that hadn’t been used properly since the injury. Additionally, Tina noticed that the symptoms I presented were likely caused by an issue in my lower back and referred me to a back specialist. Indeed this was correct and was quickly addressed by an injection which drastically reduced the pain (how did all the other practitioners miss this?)

I still wake up a little surprised that there is no pain in the morning and I am ecstatic that I am back running – something that I honestly thought would never happen again.”     Nicola J.


“I first visited Tina for foot pain that was preventing me from exercising and was making it painful to walk. Both my GP and a surgeon had identified this as mechanical issue and advised that surgery may be necessary.

Tina worked in a wonderfully holistic way from the very start of our treatment. Within moments of our first consultation, Tina identified other factors that were exacerbating the issue with my foot and was able to identify the root cause of the problem, instead of treating just the symptoms. Tina worked on all the component factors of the injury and incorporated other complimentary practices into the treatment, such as reflexology and Cranio-Sacral therapy. As a result, I quickly felt a huge improvement to both my foot and the overall tension in my body.

Tina has a wonderfully calm, gentle manner and is both knowledgeable and extremely intuitive. I highly recommend Tina: she is an excellent physiotherapist and my treatments with her have transformed my perception of physiotherapy and bodywork.”

Linda B.



“When I first came to Tina, I had just (again) sprained my ankle and could hardly walk 10 minutes without feeling pain. I had struggled for 5 years (since I was 7 years old) with ankle issues that had stopped me from participating in sports and leading an active life. I had seen another physiotherapist for almost 18 months but had not seen significant improvements. After my latest injury, we had consulted an orthopaedic surgeon that suggested we go to Tina for physiotherapy. This was my last chance, if my situation were not to improve; I would have no choice but to have my ankle operated.

From the first session, Tina established a diagnosis and a plan of action. In just a couple of sessions, we had already noticed an improvement beyond our expectations. She carefully studied all of my issues and tended to them carefully one at a time. She didn’t only focus on my feet; she took into consideration my whole body and the fact that I had hyper-mobility and a very weak core. She also used a set of different methods to help me heal, strengthen my ankle and prevent injuries. These included: videos, muscle stimulation machine, reaction time exercises, massages, daily at home exercises and Pilates lessons. Above all, Tina was kind and I enjoyed my sessions with her. I would highly recommend Tina to anyone struggling with physical issues. She is professional, knowledgeable and caring. Thanks to Tina, in just three months, I am pain-free, active and have avoided the need for a complicated surgery.”          Sophie L., age 13 and mum.


“I was referred by my consultant to see Tina as I had torn all the outside ligaments of my left ankle and I was trying to avoid surgery. I am a keen footballer and wanted to return to playing without any adverse effects. When I started treatment with her, I was unable to play as I didn’t trust the foot and whenever I jumped, I would go over on it.

The physiotherapy experience I had with Tina was more beneficial than what I expected to receive. I mean that beyond the fact that she helped me to overcome my physical issue (unstable ankle); through her exercises and physiotherapy, she was able to provide me with a better understanding of my body and the reasons why I needed to do the specific exercises to reinforce my ankle. The important thing I could say from my experience is that by following her guidance I witnessed first-hand my own progress, which is the reason why I want to share this with others.

This is, I think, the added value she gave to me, compared to the other physiotherapists I met before her. The explanations she provided  me with, regarding the causes that led to my injury but also the steps I needed to make to reinforce were crystal clear, leading me to keep myself motivated to work hard to recover and enjoy myself at the same time.

Even now I keep doing the exercises she told me and can feel a real difference between before and after her therapy sessions. Furthermore, I think she is a great professional, who is passionate about her job and I had (and still have) full confidence about her knowledge. Last but not least her good mood and her kindness are some of her assets.

I am now back playing football without my ankle causing me any problems and I do not need to have an operation.

Personally and with honesty, if I have to do again a physiotherapy session I would book sessions with her without any hesitation and can warmly recommend her. ” Djibril A.



“Based on a recommendation, I came to see Tina after having spent the last 12 months trying to get to the bottom of a knee/ITB related cycling injury. I had been seeing two different top London Physios already, and given a list of suggested treatments, but none of them seemed to stick, and I never got completely over the line. I also had multiple cortisone injections, and Ostenil injections only to relapse every time I seemed to be making significant progress with my training. I was mostly just told that these things take time, but could never quite accept that no one could tell me why I kept relapsing or what I needed to do to avoid it.

From the first session with Tina, it was immediately clear that she has a different, more holistic approach to treating sports injuries, and the focus quickly shifted away from my knee, (the effect), to treating and correcting the cause.

She quickly established what needed to get done and provided me with a clear path, and plan for getting there.

After about 4 sessions with Tina and a bit of ‘homework’, I am now pain-free and able to push myself on a bike again, and while I know I still have work to do, the plan and rational explanation about what was actually happening to my knee, and how to prevent it gives me great confidence in getting 100 % rehabilitated.

Extremely professional, very knowledgeable and friendly service and 100% successful treatment. I would highly recommend you seeing Tina if you are serious about your treatment.”    Peter K.


“I was delighted that I took my son to see Tina. My son of 17, had been complaining of weakness and tiredness in his legs when playing football. This started when he returned to sport after a year’s of relative inactivity due to slow healing after an operation. A number of doctors and physios had tried to help him with no success. He was becoming very frustrated and beginning to worry that there was something seriously wrong.

Tina listened very carefully to his medical history and the description of the symptoms he was suffering. After an examination, Tina identified the problem immediately. The operation a year previously had been very painful and it had affected my son’s breathing pattern. Tina released his diaphragm and showed him the core exercises which he needed to do. Within the hour-long appointment Tina had solved my son’s problem.”

Sarah O.